A natural tooth replacement for one of our patients – Dental Implants

Posted on 13th February 2017

The problem

Most people are anxious when faced with losing a tooth. The thought of having missing teeth creates many issues for our patients. The main problems are loss of confidence in your smile, loss of chewing ability and speech issues.

I have many patients who attend my clinic for treatment to solve this problem. Dental Implants are a great way to resolve this, they are the next best thing to a real tooth as they mimic all of the favorable properties that natural teeth exist.

Case example – Our patient who had 2 missing teeth

2 missing teeth in the upper left area. This created both cosmetic and functional problems for Wendy. She felt that a denture would not resolve these problems and we made the decision to provide her with a fixed natural tooth solution.

The treatment started with the placement of 2 dental implants and, as you can see below, the resulting replacement teeth mimic the appearance of natural teeth perfectly.

missing premolars dental implant premolars









The treatment was completed in 3 months and included the following sessions:

Visit 1 – Implant consultation and planning on week 1

Visit 2 – Implant placement and placement of temporary tooth on week 1

Visit 3 – Post operative 2 week review appointment on week 2

Visit 4 – Impressions of implant and teeth at week 10

Visit 5 – Fit of final Implant teeth on week 12

The objective

Our patients all have different expectations and requirements. We find that although dental implants are the best form of tooth replacement for most of our patients, some patients are more suited to dentures or bridges. We take great pride in providing the full range of care and options for our patients on a case-by-case basis.

Bespoke treatment planning is essential to treat our patients effectively and we ensure this is the case by always writing a dental report for all patients undergoing advanced treatments at Visit 1 (consultation).

Thank you for reading

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)






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