A recent Dental Implant case and our upcoming Implant course for Dentists

Posted on 9th April 2017

I will be discussing a recent dental implant case which has made a significant improvement to this patient and also our Implant training which will be on again this week.

A missing tooth with the potential to create more problems?

This young girl attended my clinic with just the one missing tooth. It was her lower right 6 (LR6) first molar tooth. This is the largest tooth in the mouth responsible for chewing. If this tooth wasn’t replaced, their would be the potential for neighbouring teeth to drift along with opposing teeth to drift as well. Such changes can cause further dental problems with the remaining teeth in the future.

The patient’s main concern was her inability to chew properly on the right side due to the tooth loss and also the potential for further problems to develop in the future if the tooth wasn’t replaced.

missing molarWe opted for a permanent tooth replacement using a dental implant as this is the most natural replacement for missing teeth.

missing molar occlusal

Simple and Effective

The missing tooth was simply replaced via a dental implant procedure that restored her mouth in the most natural way. The treatment took 3 months and the final tooth fitted into her mouth just like her natural teeth.

implant healing tissue levelreplacement toothreplacement dental implant

The treatment included the following main visits:

Visit 1 – Implant consultation and planning on week 1

Visit 2 – Implant placement and placement of temporary tooth on week 1

Visit 3 – Post operative 2 week review appointment on week 2

Visit 4 – Impressions of implant and teeth at week 10

Visit 5 – Fit of final Implant tooth on week 12

Teaching and working with our dental colleagues to improve high quality dental implant treatment accessibility for all patients.

We will be hosting a course for dentists to discuss and learn the techniques in restoring dental implants. This is an important topic for all dental professionals as we are always looking at ways to improve and keep up with the latest technological advances in this advanced dental procedure.

It is a great opportunity for us to share knowledge with each other and improve our professional work. Thank you to all the dentists who will be attending on Wednesday. We are honoured to have Stephen Green attend as well to share his wealth of experience and knowledge in dental implant restorations.

  • Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)


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