A week when it all came together….

Posted on 1st December 2018

When you’ve had a week where so many treatments have been performed and completed by our team, I find that a blog is the best way to reflect upon it.

In the last 5 days our team have had the privilege of providing a wide range of advanced dental treatments. In a week like this it makes me very proud to be part of such a multi-skilled team that is able to work together to contribute to the advanced dental treatments that all of our patients have undergone.

A summary of some of the range of treatments provided in the last week:

invisalign orthodontics infinity dental clinic


Following careful orthodontic treatment over the last 18 months, this patient’s treatment was completed this week and the teeth were straightened to correct the crowding and the retroclined positioning of the upper incisors.


Full arch dental implants


A truly life changing treatment was completed this week following the fit of our patient’s full arch of dental implant supported teeth. This treatment requires very little description, there are so many reasons why this is amazing for our patient and our team are delighted for her.


Invisalign Infinity Dental Clinic Leeds

Another case of orthodontic treatment was completed using Invisalign this week. In this case, the teeth were also heavily worn which resulted in them being mis-shapen. For this reason, Dr Hannah Wilson provided our patient with composite bonding to recontour the shapes of all of the teeth to complete a perfectly safe and long lasting treatment for a straighter and whiter smile.


gum contouring infinity dental clinicThe process of ‘gum-contouring’ is crucial when providing dental implant teeth at the front of the mouth. This is what makes the teeth look so natural and mimic the patient’s natural tooth-gum relationship. This process takes patience and careful technical work to perform to an exceptional level. In this case that we completed this week, the presence of the recreated papillae (triangular gum shape between the 2 replacement teeth) was very satisfying to see.


It’s an absolute privilege working with such a skilled team providing care to so many amazing patients. Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)


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