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Posted on 7th April 2020

The saying is that ‘no two snowflakes are identical.’ Although many snowflakes look the same to the naked eye, at the molecular level it is almost impossible for 2 snowflakes to be the same. I can certainly say the same quote applies to human beings. We are all different, in the way we look, the precise way in which our cells are positioned and in the way we think. Even identical twins will exhibit subtle differences between them. There are 2 main factors that affect a person’s individualisation:

  1. The variations in DNA sequence is responsible to most of the visible and biological differences between people, such as features, skin colour, hair type etc.
  2. The environmental impact on individuals is equally as responsible for the differences between people. This is very evident in dentistry, for example, where some patients will want bright white teeth whreas others may want to have their teeth appear more natural by having a ‘normal’ amount of staining. What is normal? Is normal defined by a person’s environment and their social circles?

The fact is everything is normal just like everything is abnormal. We respect that everyone is different and this is one of the reasons we ensure that we understand our patients well before we design their treatment plan for them. Our dental restorations are made with this in mind and this is seen very clearly when looking at treatments with dental implants. Patients having dental implants are having their tooth or teeth replaced completely. This means we are in total control of the way this tooth will look. So we must understand the patient before we can understand what their tooth or teeth should look like.

The biological factors will influence a patient’s dental anatomy, tooth size, mouth size and gum/bone volume. These are all very important considerations when planning and choosing the most effective treatment solution for our patients. This information can only truly be ascertained with a comprehensive clinical assessment and a digital CBCT scan.

The collage of images above demonstrates the typical stages involved in one patient’s treatment journey to provide a full arch of repalcement dental implant supported teeth. There are many more pictures that could have been included but we include just a few to demonstrate the various stages in providing our patient with bespoke teeth. No two individuals are identical and neither are 2 mouths ever the same.

bespoke dental report

This is why we take great pride in our consultation process, providing every patient with a bespoke dental report explaining all of their treatment options and information that is specific to them.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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