Going paperless and the reason for doing this job….

Posted on 25th October 2016

Latest update to our practice technology

When attending for a dental appointment there seems to be a lot of paperwork to sign. Medical forms, treatment consent forms and NHS forms. This can all make the patient journey more stressful than it needs to be. I have been aiming to go completely paperless since the beginning, I am now pleased to announce that ambition has become a reality.

We have installed all of the form on tablets in electronic form. This allows all of our patients to sign electronically reducing paper waste and increasing efficiency. So far the feedback has been positive, with most patients noting that they are spending less time ‘filling out forms’.

Making a difference

At Infinity Dental Clinic, we are a very passionate group of people. We take a huge interest in striving for excellence and continually update our practice to meet our patients expectations. I run a late evening clinic on a Tuesday and a patient arrived at 6.30pm today in excruciating pain. He required an extraction and could not find a dentist to carry out this procedure for him. Following removal of his tooth, the patient felt instant relief from his dental problem, and was now looking forward to a good night sleep.

Myself and my team who stayed back with me tonight could sense his relief. We all felt we had made a difference to this patient and this gave us a sense of immense job satisfaction. I carry out many complicated dental procedures however, sometimes it is the simpler procedures that make all the difference.


  • Dr Mohsin Patel

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