Improving welbeing and confidence with INVISALIGN

Posted on 7th August 2016


This is the question I was asked by a new patient to my clinic – a 36 year old women. She told me that she had been advised to have veneers to improve here smile so that she could have straight teeth. I simply asked her if she had ever considered orthodontic treatment, or invisalign treatment? She said no.

invisalign before

Why Invisalign and Orthodontic treatment?

The alternative is to have veneers. In the above case, this would be highly destructive to otherwise healthy teeth. The results would not be predictable in the long term since the patient has a cross-bite which may result in the veneer’s fracturing in the future.

I explained to the patient that she actually had beautiful teeth – they were just out of position. By using the invisalign procedure I would be able to bring out the natural beauty in this patient’s smile.

Patience pays off!

Invisalign treatment can take anywhere from 3 months to over 12 months. It truly depends on the amount of tooth movements required to get your teeth to their desired positions. It took us 12 months to achieve our desired result in this case. The result of this is a beautifully straight smile without any damage to the long term health of your teeth.

Wearing aligners for 12 months is not that difficult with invisalign. The alginers are made of an ultra thin acrylic and can be removed for eating and cleaning so that you can still enjoy your food comfortably.

Straighter teeth are easier to clean

The biggest improvement in the post treatment smile is the significant improvement in the oral hygiene. The patient is able to effectively keep all tooth surfaces clean with her toothbrush. This results in a whiter looking smile.

invisalign after

This patient’s new smile has significantly improved her confidence and she looks a lot younger.

The patient’s delight creates job satisfaction for myself and my team. This is why I love doing aesthetic dentistry.

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