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Posted on 9th February 2020

For those who know me they will know I am a keen runner. It is something I enjoy doing. I don’t run competitively anymore however, I run because I enjoy it. Selecting the right running shoes is very important to runners because the wrong shoes can cause problems such as blisters, joint ache and stress injuries. Most runners will go to a specialist running shop to have a thorough assessment of their running posture and feet before being advised on what type of shoe is best for them. Out of hundreds of shoes the runner, with expert guidance, is able to choose from a select few that will almost certainly be better for them than the rest.

At our clinic we aim to provide an individual approach to all of our patient’s dental care. This is most apparant in the way we restore or replace teeth. When dealing with replacing one or a small number of teeth, it can often be easy to whiten all of the remaining teeth so that everything can be made to look whiter. This is often what our patients will choose to have however, not all patients will want this. For some patients, maintaining their own natural tooth shapes and shades is a very important part of their identity and personaltiy. In such a case it is important for us to maintain this integral feature for our patients. This is why we are dedicated to achieving natural aesthetics with all of our restorations to ensure that the natural appearance of our patient’s smile is always maintained, whether it is all white teeth or all natural shaded teeth.

These cases were both treated at our clinic and demonstrate the different approaches we can take to acheive an aesthetic smile. The key for us is to discuss all of these options with our patients and to make them aware that they can have the treatment that they feel most comfortable with.

Thank you for reading

Mohsin Patel

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