Othrodontics – Not just for cosmetic treatment

Posted on 6th October 2018

Orthodontic treatment enables the movement of teeth into a more desirable position. It is a great way to improve our patient’s smile appearance however, this is not the only benefit.

Having straighter teeth allows for better functional movements between your upper and lower teeth. In patients with heavily crowded teeth we can sometimes find cross-bites between the upper and lower teeth which results in a lack of freedom of movement in function between the upper and lower jaw. Over time this can increase the tendency to develop further dental problems and even Temporomandibular Disorders. In the example below the patient presented with an Anterior Open Bite and we helped treat this patient using Invisalign to improve his function and provide him with an even and balanced biting position between his upper and lower teeth. The patient has reported less stress on his jaw and neck muscles following treatment and since he is a professional athlete, this is of significant importance him.

Invisalign anterior open biteInvisalign anterior open bite

Having straighter teeth also enables better long term oral hygiene and plaque control. We often find that in crowded teeth it is extremely difficult for our patients to thoroughly maintain the plaque control between the most crowded areas. Over time, the accumulation of bacteria in these areas can cause further tooth decay and periodontal disease which can lead to tooth loss. In the case below we eliminated the crowding using Invisalign aligners and the result is a more even smile that is easier to maintain with a significant improvement in the smile appearance.

Using digital planning, we are able to accurately predict the treatment outcomes before commencing physical treatment on our patients. This enables us to run simulations to find the best options for our patients without having to trial different treatments on them.

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