Passionate about our job – Love what you do

Posted on 5th March 2017

Love what you do

If we fall in love with serving our patients, solving problems and doing work that matters, it is far more likely we are going to do valuable work for our patients.

At Infinity Dental Clinic, we take pride in everything we do for our patients. Our ultimate aim is to make it an enjoyable experience for our patients and that is where the ultimate job satisfaction comes from. With that aim, the service our team provide to the patient comes naturally to them. When you love what you do, the service you provide becomes more important.


Practice what you preach?

Should the people who offer our dental services also be required to love dentistry themselves?

I think since our work is important, it should be done with skill and passion.

Every member of our team is passionate about dentistry. We all believe in good dental health and we would be first in line to have dental treatment that would benefit us. This includes general dental treatments to whitening and dental implant treatment. We know how important it is to have good dental health, it affects your general health and quality of life.

Recently, my mother has developed a dental problem which has resulted inFixed Dental implants her losing her lower molar teeth. This doesn’t necessarily cause an obvious cosmetic problem, however, it has significantly lowered her ability to chew properly. Subconsciously, she will eat foods which she deems easier to chew. This will result in a limited diet and my mother eating foods she doesn’t enjoy.

We have decided to replace these teeth with dental implants. A fixed permanent replacement which will restore her ability to chew effectively once again. This was an easy decision for us to make as it is the only way to restore this ability to the same level as having natural teeth.

All our patients will be treated like a family member

After all, If it’s good enough for my mother, it’s good enough for my patients.

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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