Planning and preparing for advanced dental treatments

Posted on 26th October 2019

A high level of planning is necessary when providing advanced dental procedures. This includes treatment to have multiple crowns, veneers, orthodontics and dental implants.

When we provide Dental Implants, we always provide our patients with a 3-d CBCT scan to enable us to thoroughly diagnose their dental condition and plan every detail of their proposed treatment. This is all done in-house using our CBCT scanner and we can plan every aspect of the treatment even before the treatment has been started in the mouth. Surely this is the safest and most predictable way to provide surgery? There is no trial and error during the actual procedure as all of that has been done using the digital software on the computer.

CBCT scan bone defect
This is a digital image taken from a CBCT scan showing a large infection and bone defect associated with a lower central incisor. This was successfully treated with root canal treatment.

As we move forward, the world of digital dentistry continues to progress further. The level of detail that is possible when planning such procedures is incredible. We chose to invest in digital technology as we believed it would improve our patient’s treatment outcomes and also their experience. This has certainly been the case over the last few years as we’ve seen the benefits of this technology for our patients. I feel we are able to consistently achieve safe and successful outcomes with all of our treatments, in particular with surgery involving dental implants.

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Mohsin Patel

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