Price Vs Cost

Posted on 28th October 2017

The price of something is a simple number. That is all it is. It is what most consumers look for when considering the purchase of simple products such as milk, eggs, fruit etc. You may compare the price of similar products and opt to buy the cheapest one.

When providing high end dentistry, cost becomes more relevant to the patient. The patient is no longer a customer buying a simple product. The patient is actually electing to undergo a medical procedure which is more real and more complicated when compared to a simple product.

Cost is what we have to give up to get this. Cost is how much aftercare is required. Cost is how much service is required to maintain the investment. Cost is more important than price. When patient’s are looking to invest in a dental procedure, they must consider the long term care that is provided.

We invest a lot in all of our patients both during and after the completion of their dental treatment. Every dental procedure requires maintenance otherwise the chances are that it will not last as long as you had hoped for.

Just about every time, cost matters more than price, and shopping for price is a trap.

  • Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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