So small but yet so big

Posted on 24th February 2019

We treat such a diverse range of patients at our clinic. Our patients come from Leeds and the surrounding areas in Yorkshire. Our patients come to the clinic with a wide range of dental needs from having to have a full mouth rehabilitation to just having a single tooth treated and replaced. When I post something on our blog about a full mouth that we have just treated people always speculate on how much of a life changing experience it must have been for the patient. This is clearly the case however, I feel that for those patients at our clinic who have had just the one tooth replaced the experience can be just as life changing.

A single tooth can influence everything

A missing or failing tooth can result in:

UL1 failing post crown I am amazed at how many people put up with the problems described above. It affects people in ways that only become apparent following successful treatment to restore the patient’s dental health. One patient in particular demonstrated this following treatment for his failing post crown on his upper central incisor. He presented to our clinic after many years of ‘coping’ with a deteriorating post crown. The images below show how the poor seal around the crown margins enabled bacteria to infiltrate the underlying tooth. This resulted in the tooth becoming more and more infected over the years before the patient came to see me at our clinic.

The failing UL1 tooth was replaced with a dental implant and careful soft tissue treatment to restore the health of the gums around the failing and infected tooth.

Replacing an upper left central incisor with a dental implant LeedsThe patient came to see me after a week following the fit of his replacement tooth and stated that this tooth was better than the post crown had ever been. The only way the patient managed to cope with a failing post crown for so many years was because he avoided biting on that tooth and adapted his lifestyle to avoid using that tooth. Within a week he said he is able to bite in to food with much more ease and confidence and is able to smile without having to think about hiding his front tooth.

In this case one tooth made a life changing impact on this patient’s life and his review demonstrates just how much of a difference this has made to him, he states that he coped with the failing tooth for over 30 years! :

“I have just completed my course of treatment to replace a front tooth and crown with a full implant. I am absolutely over the moon with the results, and after 30+years of having a crown, I can 100% say I have got my smile back.
The whole team at Infinity are very friendly, and welcoming and carefully take you through each step of the treatment fully explaining what will be happening next so that there are no doubts or fears.
At the end of my treatment Dr Patel suggested a further potential to properly shape the gum before the implants final fit. Although this added another 2 weeks to the treatment time, the results are stunning. My smile is once again 100% symmetrical and no one would ever know about my treatment having taken place. I recommend this extra step to anyone thinking about having an implant.
I cannot thank Jasmine, Sophie and Dr Patel …as well as the rest of the staff at Infinity for all their kind help and assistance over my course. I will definitely be recommending the team at Infinity Dental to anyone wishing to receive a treatment. Fantastic service with awesome results!!. Thankyou all. “ – Dave Mortimer

All reviews are found at our google reviews page.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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