Our aim is to always provide all of our patients and our team with the best dental experience and care that we are capable of.

When we were told to close our doors on March 23rd, we knew that we faced a challenging period. Little was known about how long dentistry would be closed for. We didn’t know how many dental emergencies we would have to manage without any face to face patient contact. It was, and still is, a challenging period of time for both our patients and our team. I always find that when you are faced with a difficult situation, one that seems to have no end in sight, the best solution is to have a clear plan and strategy. So from the very first day we designed our strategy to ensure that our patients were given access to all of our dental services, including video consultations, to still be there for them even without the ability to see them face to face. Although there is no substitute for physical dental care, I am pleased with how many patients we were able to help during this time.

Our team worked throughout (remotely) to ensure that we were providing the high standards of dental care and advice that we pride ourselves in.

It was in mid April that we realised that dentistry may be closed for much longer than we had hoped for or anticipated. We needed to use this time effectively to improve our dental practice. As you know, recently, our practice underwent a huge expansion and improvement. Some of our exisitng dental surgery rooms had not been renovated during our recent expansion as it was felt that was not necessary since they were all working well. However, we saw the opportunity to improve and upgrade our exisiting dental rooms to ensure that all of our dental surgeries were as technologically advanced and modern as each other.

It was a big decision to undertake this work during the month of May. There were many challenges as one can imagine during this time such as financial pressures, working with social distancing and ensuring the project was completed prior to dentistry being able to open again. However, the overriding factor for me was that it meant we would have a dental practice with 5 exceptional surgery rooms, installed with the latest hygienic surgical surfaces and the latest dental equipment. Every dental room is designed and fitted with the most advanced dental equipment and this will enhance the dental experience for ALL of our patients.

Before and After

Our patients and team deserve the best and we truly feel our clinic has become even better after our latest improvements. It makes us all very proud to see how wonderful our dental practice is and we look forward to sharing our practice with all of you, our patients.

I don’t believe anyone can ever claim to have ‘the best dental practice’ or the best of anything. That isn’t our aim. Our aim is to provide all of our patients and our team with the best dental experience and care that we are capable of. That aim is at the forefront of everything we do and every decision we make. For that reason, the decison to invest more in our practice and make it even better was actually one of the easiest decsions we have ever had to make!

Every patient at Infinity Dental Clinic deserves the best!

Before and After
Before and After

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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