…Dream work

We completed some more amazing patient treatments last week and it was another proud moment for our team.

These were the cases we completed last week:

These are 2 completely different types of treatment on 2 different patients. In one of the cases above we have re-aligned the teeth to improve the dental crowding and appearance of the teeth. In the other case we have removed and replaced all of the teeth with an implant supported bridge. The skills required to carry out this work cover such a wide range of dental procedures by many individuals with the dental team. Is it possible for one dentist to do all of this on their own? It may be, but it is highly unlikely. We have a very highly skilled team of dentists, nurses, treatment coordinators and lab technicians to enable us to provide such a wide range of procedures to our patients. I can’t imagine being able to provide the best treatments to our patients without having such a widely skilled team at our clinic.

Every patient has a unique mouth and each case requires a unique approach. At our clinic we are able to approach every case by exploring all of the options before pursuing the best option for our patients. By having such a widely skilled team we can carefully consider all of the options before having a joint discussion with our patients to decide on the plan.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Thank you for reading.

Mohsin Patel

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