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Posted on 9th September 2023

Patients often ask, ‘Will my implant blend with my natural teeth?’ It’s a common concern, especially when facing the loss of a front tooth.

Patients often ask, ‘Will my implant blend with my natural teeth?’ It’s a common concern, especially when facing the loss of a front tooth. Today, I’m here to shed light on the inner workings at Infinity Dental Clinic, revealing the secrets behind our remarkably natural-looking dental implants, and show how at the end of your treatment, you may find it tricky to remember which
tooth is the implant!

Stage 1: Laying the Foundation

Creating life like dental implants begins beneath the surface. Our skilled dental implant surgeons, Dr. Mohsin Patel and Dr. Vinay Mistry, meticulously assess and prepare the implant site. Specialised procedures, such as bone grafts, gum grafts, and sinus lifts, are often necessary to repair prior damage caused by issues like gum disease, abscesses, and recession.


Stage 2: Shaping the Gumline

Once the implant is in place, the healing process begins. During this crucial phase, our team guides the gum tissue to grow and conform naturally to match your existing gum line. This meticulous approach ensures that the new implant tooth integrates seamlessly with the surrounding tissues, creating a look of genuine growth, not a prosthetic tooth atop the gum. It also allows us to customise the tooth’s shape and size for a perfect match with neighbouring teeth.


Stage 3: Perfecting the Colour

Creating realistic dental implants involves more than just form – colour plays a pivotal role. We utilise specialised photography and state-of-the-art digital scans to precisely match the shade of your natural teeth. These digital impressions are then forwarded to our seasoned lab technicians, who select high-quality porcelain materials that not only offer durability and strength but also
replicate the texture and appearance of natural teeth. This choice ensures that your new implant seamlessly blends with your existing teeth, even to the keenest observer.


The End Result

At Infinity Dental Clinic, we take immense pride in our ability to create highly realistic dental implants. After the meticulous work outlined above, the result is always a harmonious smile that
looks both natural and beautiful. With Dr. Mohsin Patel and Dr. Vinay Mistry’s expertise during implant placement and the artistic talents of Dr. Hannah Wilson, Dr. James David, and myself, we
are dedicated to restoring your smile to its full, natural glory. Every smile is unique, and our goal is to ensure that your dental implant is a perfect match, both functionally and aesthetically. If you’re considering dental implants or have any questions about the process, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation.

Your dream smile awaits at Infinity Dental Clinic!

Thank you for reading,

Roma McNeil

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