The clocks go forward….

Posted on 31st March 2019

The clocks went forward last night which means most people will be trying to adapt to the reduction in their daytime hours on Sunday. This means either an hour less sleep or an hour less of being awake. Most people adapt to this change because they know that this ‘compromised’ Sunday will enable everyone to have a Summer with longer daylight hours and more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

You will not find anyone in a few weeks complaining about that Sunday when they lost an hour of sleep. In fact, this compromised day will be long forgotten within a day or two. The overall positive gains will far outweigh the small negative. This reminds me of the treatment journey for our patients undergoing treatment with dental implants. The prospect of having surgery and some swelling afterwards can be daunting for most people. I find that most patients are concerned with this part of the treatment process before they even begin the treatment journey. In fact it is one of the main reasons why some patients avoid treatment altogether!

The truth is that our patients forget about any ‘swelling’ or the surgery as soon as they have their desired teeth and smile, The positive effect that the new teeth have on every aspect of their life far outweighs any small compromises that had to be made over the first few days of surgery. None of our patients would reflect on their dental implant treatment by discouraging anyone to have it due to the surgical element of the treatment. This is because the benefits are life changing for our patients. For the same reasons, you will never bump into someone on a sunny evening in June stating that they don’t agree with British Summer Time because of the loss of sleep on that Sunday in March.

Have a wonderful Summer.

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)


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