The molars hold the key to a perfect smile…

Posted on 26th August 2018

Throughout my career I have got to know many of our patients very well. We get to know our patients over the years and it’s almost like a big family. When you get to know people well over a long period of time, you start to notice changes in their behaviour and emotions.

When some of our patients lose their teeth, we notice certain behaviour changes. It is disappointing to see them laugh less and making every effort to keep their mouth closed. Before long, this becomes a natural habit and the changes can result in a change in the behaviour of the patient.


A patient who attended my clinic at the start of the year presented with the same problems I have described above. I shall refer to him as ‘Carl’ to protect his confidentiality.

Carl is a 55 year old man who has had most of his upper and lower teeth missing at the back of his mouth. His front teeth are still intact however, he attended my clinic because he continues to experience tooth fractures to his front teeth. Following his consultation at our clinic, we deduced that the main reason for this problem was due to the lack of teeth he had at the back of his mouth. This had resulted in higher than usual stresses being passed onto the front teeth resulting in fractures of these teeth. We recommended restoring his posterior occlusion stability so that the front teeth could be effectively repaired with successful long term outcomes.

By replacing the teeth at the back of his mouth, Carl can also expect to chew and talk much more effectively.

Our multi-skilled dental team was able to replace the missing teeth using dental implants and provide beautiful cosmetic composite restorations of the front teeth to complete a stable, functional and aesthetic smile.

before and after dental implants with composite bonding

Following treatment, Carl had been a transformed man. He attended our clinic following completion of his treatment and simply confessed that his wife loves his new smile! Not only has the smile appearance significantly improved but so has Carl’s functional ability. This is the true aim of this treatment, to provide our patients with beautiful smiles that work in every way.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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