Truly Life changing for this patient – Dental implants

Posted on 14th December 2019

We often call treatment with Dental Implants ‘life changing’ because of the significant impact it has on patient’s lives. Many people may wonder if the words ‘life changing’ are an over exaggeration. This video of one of our patients certainly demonstartes that, if anything, ‘life changing’ is not enough to describe the effects this treatment can have for so many of our patients.

It is a truly incredible feeling for so many people when someone is so happy to have overcome a major problem in their lives. Patricia (in the video) had certainly been through difficult times. The tip of the iceberg was the lack in confidence in her smile which led to her finding it difficult to smile in her children’s wedding photographs. I can’t imagine how difficult that must be for anyone but I know that Patricia was ecstatic about not having to worry about such a thing ever again.

By sharing her experiences on video, she will help so many patient’s in similar circumstances overcome their fear of dental care and, in particular, Dental Implant treatment.

There is so much aggression and negativity being spread across the internet and social media however, I share this video in the hope that it makes everyone smile and feel happy for Patricia.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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