Veneers and Cosmetic treatments – Shall I do it?

Posted on 3rd July 2016

Cosmetic Veneers – Cosmetic dentistry

Emax (Ceramic) veneers can be used to improve your smile appearance significantly. This is a popular treatment which I am asked about regularly by my patients. When done with precise planning and care, this procedure is both safe and highly effective.

Smile enhancement with Veneers

The following patient was a 28year old male who wanted to improve his smile in a quick and effective way. We designed his ideal smile using our diagnostic wax ups before deciding on the type of teeth he liked. The result was a natural and beautiful smile. Nothing too obvious yet something very attractive. This is what he wanted and using EMAX veneers we were able to achieve this. Veneers before


veneers after

As can be seen from this picture, Veneers can improve the smile characteristics considerably. The greatest satisfaction is to see how pleased this patient was. Absolutely delighted.

The most important part of this treatment was the diagnostic planning. This enabled us to design veneers that the patient would be absolutely happy with. We left nothing to chance, I would always recommend a smile design wax up for this procedure.

Can anyone have veneers?

Veneers are a fantastic way to improve the appearance of healthy teeth. It is important that your teeth are healthy before veneer placement. A consultation at our clinic will involve assessment of your teeth to ensure they would be suitable for veneers placement with log term success.

Any aesthetic treatment should be planned thoroughly. We always design your smile on a model of your mouth to ensure we achieve predictable results for you. I find that this is a very exciting part of the treatment phase for my patients as they enjoy the opportunity to have a big input in to their own smile design.

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