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Posted on 28th June 2020

As we come close to completing our first month back since some of the covid restrictions were lifted in dentistry, I have reflected on the many patients our team have helped and treated.

We have tried our best to prioritise our appointment slots for those patients who have more urgent dental problems. With appintment times being longer than usual (to ensure all post covid protocols are carried out thorughly) we are more limited in the numbers of patients we can see per day. However, I am pleased to state that this ‘limit’ has not had a negative effect on our team or our patients.

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So which patients have come to us with ‘dental problems’? What is a dental ’emergency’? A large dental abscess and swelling that has kept someone up all night in pain is a dental emergency for everyone. That is the classic image most people have of someone that they describe as having a ‘dental emergency’. We are very pleased to have helped these patients eliminate their pain symptoms and provide them with the treatment they had not had access to during the lockdown period. It was clearly a big relief for those patients who were affected to have finally got the treatment they needed.

What about someone who has a chipped front tooth, is this a dental emergency? This tooth has no pain associated with it. We had many patients affected with problems such as this which was affecting their confidence to smile, talk and be themselves. For many people, this is also a dental emergency albeit, a different kind of dental emergency to the first example.

Dental emergencies involve every type of dental problem that is affecting the patient’s ability to function normally, whether it is due to pain, their ability to chew or even their ability to smile – these are all emergencies. We have helped hundreds of patients already this month with their dental problems and almost every type of dental emergency has been encountered and treated by our team.

This is why at Infinity Dental Clinic, we consider a dental emergency on a case by case basis. We understand that all patient’s dental expectations can vary widely therefore, we tailor our treatments to ensure we treat our patient’s problems in the way that they need.

This review from one of the many patients we have helped sums it up – and makes the team very proud:

Our team have been providing an exceptional service to every patient that has attended our clinic and we will continue to do so, long after covid19 becomes a thing of the past….

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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