Why is Invisalign still the Gold Standard in Orthodontics?

Posted on 4th February 2023

Invisalign has surged in popularity over recent years for its amazing results, discreet aligners and minimally invasive way of achieving a perfect smile.

Most patients are familiar with the name Invisalign, which is now a common household name. In fact, many patients think all clear aligners are Invisalign. However, that is not the case. Other clear aligner systems may lead people to believe they are getting the gold standard Invisalign braces, when they are actually receiving an imitation product. These are often advertised at a lower price, as they may use lower cost aligners, and sometimes they aren’t even overseen by a dentist at all!

Most people use the term Invisalign and clear aligners interchangeably, assuming they are the same thing. Its often hard to differentiate between all the technical jargon – so let’s explore the differences between them and look at why we only offer the world leading brand – Invisalign, which clearly stands out from the rest.

What is Clear Aligner Orthodontics?

Clear aligner orthodontics uses clear aligners to gradually move the teeth into the desired position. Invisalign has been around for many years, with extensive research and vast popularity, hence why people often think it is synonymous with clear aligner orthodontics. Invisalign however is a manufacturer of clear aligners, not the term itself. There are many other types of clear aligner systems all ranging in quality, much the same way there are different brands of car such as Mercedes and Peugeot.

Invisalign vs other Clear Aligner systems


Invisalign is the pioneer of clear aligner therapy, and is still researching the latest in technology to this day. The majority of other clear aligners use an earlier model of the aligner material, whereas Invisalign uses SMARTTRACK patented technology, meaning the aligners can stay more rigid for longer. This has been developed to be more predictable, shorten treatment times, ensure they are easier to take in and out and more comfortable when wearing. Invisalign is at the cutting edge of invisible braces.


Each of the aligners are printed in such a way that the designs are bespoke to each patient’s gumline, providing maximum comfort and safety. Invisalign’s main competitors have aligners which cover over the gumline, which can traumatise the gums and result in recession. Although this may make it cheaper to manufacture the aligners, this can often be at the cost of irritation and inflammation of the gums. Whereas, Invisalign’s patented technology is designed with comfort in mind, as well as safety and discretion for the patient as they are virtually invisible.


The 3D simulation software – INVLSALIGN CLINCHECK – is the world leading software that accurately lets us design your perfect smile. The algorithms have been improved over many years with millions of cases to ensure it is at the forefront of clear aligner treatment. The detail and accuracy in the plans allow for improved predictability and shorter treatment times. It is also a great tool to show you as the patient what to expect too.


Invisalign is the most tried and tested clear aligner system all over the world. It has been at the forefront of predictable orthodontics since the beginning of clear aligner therapy. Its smart attachments create anchorage for the patented aligners and make even the most complex movements possible.

DIY Mail Order Braces – a worrying trend

A newer, more worrying trend is to order the braces without seeing a Dentist in person at all, for example Smile Direct. Whilst it is very easy to understand the temptation to skip out the stage of seeing a Dentist – this is certainly not a safe option. There is no dental examination/ orthodontic assessment involved to check suitability, dental health, gum health, bone levels or teeth strength.  Although it Is easy to see the appeal to go for a cheaper option, we also often see patients after they have spent a not insignificant amount of money on the DIY online braces, but their teeth still haven’t aligned. This then means they have to pay twice to now rectify the treatment with Invisalign.


Despite the surge of clear aligner companies, it is still Invisalign that is at the forefront for Invisible braces. The technology, innovation, patient comfort and predictability makes it the clear choice at Infinity Dental Clinic. We only use the best materials, dental laboratories and market leading companies to ensure the best results for all our patients.

If you would like to find out more about how Invisalign can give you your perfect smile, please get in touch to arrange a consultation.

Thank you for reading,

Hannah Wilson

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