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Better than dentures – Implant retained dentures

Removable dentures move around in your mouth

A conventional denture has no attachment to your gums. It relies on suction to stay in place however, during talking and eating, suction is not enough to prevent it from moving around in your mouth.

Some denture wearers will get used to this problem by adjusting their diet and eating habits. With dental implants, such a sacrifice in your quality of life does not have to be made.

The implant retained denture



By placing dental implants into the gums, we are able to provide physical retention for the denture. These attachments are called abutments. The abutments ‘CLICK’ into the denture – holding the denture in place very firmly.

Since the implant retained denture does not rely on suction to stay in place, the design of these dentures is such that the root of your mouth is uncovered. A conventional denture would normally cover the whole roof of your mouth, this reduces the taste sensation and ability to eat well. However, with an implant retained denture, this is not an issue.

Implant retained denture Dr Mohsin Patel

Looking after your implant retained dentures

The implant retained denture consists of 2 parts – the implants and the denture.

The denture is cleaned and maintained in the same way as a normal denture. The implants are maintained in a similar way to natural teeth. You would be able to brush them with a toothbrush everyday and our hygienist would normally scale them every 3-6 months as part of your regular dental maintenance.

Once the treatment is complete, implant retained dentures are easily maintained.

Contact us to find out more on how an implant retained denture could significantly change your life.


  • Dr Mohsin Patel

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Implant retained denture Dr Mohsin Patel

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