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What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is any form of dentistry that affects the appearance of one’s teeth.

Many patients will seek cosmetic dentistry, but it is not always to ‘drastically change’ the appearance of their smile. We have patients who want to transform their appearance to have much straighter and whiter teeth. However, we also have patients who want subtle improvements to their existing teeth so that the teeth don’t appear ‘too white’ or ‘too straight’. The correct approach to this is the approach that the patient has decided after considering all of their options.

In the case below we demonstrate a cosmetic case that has been provided by Dr Hannah Wilson at our clinic. Extra care has been taken to ensure each individual veneer has a natural tooth shade and contours so that they do not appear too ‘artificial’ – in the patient’s own words. We find these cases can be the most challenging because it is usually a lot easier to make teeth right and white however, the finesse of making them appear natural is a much more challenging task.


The case below shows how a similar patient was provided with much whiter teeth as he specifically asked for this particular type of cosmetic treatment.

Both cases have made the respective patients happy and both cases had a similar starting point. Cosmetic dentistry must not be provided like an ‘off the shelf’ treatment for all. It should be provided using a bespoke approach to each patient’s individual dental health and also their individual objectives. We take great pride in discussing all of the options with our patients before embarking on any advanced dental care plan.

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Mohsin Patel

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