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Deep work is meaningful – why we never get bored

Advanced Dental Care

Many of the treatments we provide at our dental clinic are advanced dental treatments that have either been referred to us by General Dental Practices or self referred by the patients themselves. The treatments for Dental Implants, Cosmetic Treatments and Full Mouth Rehabilitation requires intense planning and high skill from our team to consistently provide the standard of care that we strive for.

Deep work

This is only possible due to our commitment to deep work. By deep work, I mean a level of deep focus that allows us to hone our skills and to then apply them to an elite level. Deep work, therefore, is key to extracting meaning from your profession and from your job.

When I am performing advanced surgical treatments such as Dental implants, I feel zoned in to that task to a level where no outside stimuli will be able to distract me. This deep focus is easy because of the passion I have for the job that I do. I feel privileged to have the responsibility to perform such high-end dentistry. The same can be said about every member of our team when they are performing the work at an elite level.

Job satisfaction

To embrace deep work in your own career, and to direct it towards cultivating your skill, is an effort that can transform a knowledge work job from a distracted, draining obligation into something satisfying – a portal in to a world full of shining, wondrous things! This is the reason we never get bored.

Life changing dental treatments

The wondrous things that I refer to are the amazing life-changing dental treatments we have provided to so many patients. It is a joy for us to be a part of something so incredible and this level of care is only possible, consistently, with the deep work that everyone at Infinity Dental Clinic is committed to.

Cases like the 2 below are life-changing and wondrous for everyone involved – especially our patients!

Dental Implant






Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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