A fresh start for a new lease on life

Posted on 28th January 2023

This patient visited our clinic after retiring, looking to enjoy the rest of his life with the many friends he had made throughout the years. Unfortunately, he was struggling with a number of missing and failing teeth, which was causing him to lack confidence in his appearance and the way he ate. We were pleased to be able to help this patient improve his quality of life.

When the patient was presented with the option of full arch dental rehabilitation with dental implants, he was initially hesitant. His concern was the length of treatment and the time it would take to achieve a beautiful smile. Fortunately, we were able to offer a same day teeth solution. This allowed us to provide the patient with full upper and lower arch replacement teeth within a single day. Our patient was delighted and eagerly accepted the treatment plan.

Same day dental implants

On day 1, we removed his failing teeth and replaced them with dental implant supported teeth. This enabled him to have a fully fixed smile and to experience the joy of spending time with his friends and family once again.

As with all surgical procedures, the overall healing time can taken between 36 months. During this time our patient had the luxury of continuing to enjoy life with his fully fixed replacement teeth. At the treatment completion stage, which was 5 months later for this patient, we were able to replace histemporary fixed teeth with his final smile. This smile had been customised in a way to optimise all the natural characteristics that our patient wanted. They looked and felt natural for him.

It was a pleasure to see our patient at his review appointment after enjoying his new teeth for three weeks. His transformation was remarkable, with a much brighter and happier smile. His new teeth had a positive impact on his life, allowing him to connect with friends and family in a meaningful way. We were delighted to witness the positive effects of our treatment!


Thank you for reading,

Mohsin patel

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