“A happier life” – that is what our patients say

Posted on 20th May 2023

We were so proud to have helped another one of our patients with full arch dental treatment. The patient had remaining teeth that were failing. We decided to replace them with permanent dental implants and to bridge them with a permanent prosthesis.

To make sure that she was never without teeth during the treatment, we used the Same Day Teeth approach. Since full arch implant dentistry usually takes around 6 months, our patient needed a solution during the transition period. Our Same Day Teeth approach allowed us to provide fixed teeth right away, ensuring that she could still live almost normally through the treatment.

Every step of the way, this patient was so joyful and never showed any signs of anxiety or discomfort. Her husband joined us for the smile reveal and, seeing her tears of joy, it was clear that the new teeth had given her back her confidence. She was thrilled to be able to eat properly again and show-off her new smile. There were tears of joy as the patient came to realise how beautiful her new smile was. She admitted that eating steak was something that she was looking forward to the most as well as being more confident in her smile. 

We are so grateful to have been able to make a real difference in this patient’s life, helping her have a healthy, beautiful smile brings us so much joy and satisfaction.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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