At Infinity Dental Clinic we provide thousands of patients with dental care to restore their dental function and smile asethetics. The treatment plans can range from being simply one visit to something that can take upto 6 months to complete. In every treatment we find that the most important part of each treatment plan is the consultation phase – the first few appointments where we discuss every possible option with the patient.

Providing advanced dental care to patients is very rewarding for our team as we get to significantly improve our patient’s lives. Following a consultation with our dental team, patients are provided with a comprehensive dental report which details all of their clinical findings and the full range of treatment options available. We feel this is the best way for our patients to make a fully informed decision and inform of us of exactly what they would like to achieve with their advanced dental care plan.

Bespoke dental report

Not every smile is the same. Not every patient wants the same shade of white or the same size teeth. With careful planning and an open conversation with our patients, we are able to provide our patients with the smile they want. I am very proud of the bespoke smiles created at our clinic and it is due to the meticulous planning that we are able to provide dental treatment that looks and feels as natural as real healthy teeth.

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Mohsin Patel

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