A dental laboratory is a specialised facility where dental prostheses, appliances, restorations, and other dental devices are manufactured. These labs work closely with dentists to create custom-made items that are used for various dental treatments.

This means we are now able to produce or own crowns, veneers, implant restorations, bridges and smile designs within our own dental team.

At Infinity Dental Clinic we have a great relationship with some of the best dental technicians in the industry over many years. Our team has grown and the number of patients we provide care to has increased. Due to the high level of dental care we specialise in, our team utilises digital technology in all aspects of the care we provide. This means we utilise dental laboratories to help us 3-d print and mill carefully designed dental crowns, bridge, implants and dentures for our patients.

Our passion at Infinity Dental Clinic has always been to strive for excellence. We have strived to provide the optimum dental care to all of our patients. In the field of Implant dentistry we have become the leading provider of Straumann dental implants in the UK. In the field of orthodontic treatment we have become platinum providers of Invisalign orthodontics. In the field of sedation dentistry we have helped thousands of patients overcome dental anxiety by becoming a centre for patients seeking that level of care. Our team continue to pursue excellence in the various fields of clinical dentistry by continuing to progress their own learning as well as investing in the latest dental technologies.


As part of our strive for excellence, we have been investing in developing our very own state of the art dental laboratory. Our aim was to invest in the latest machinery available in the world of dental manufacturing to enable our team to provide the highest standard of precison made dental prostheses. We have a great team of dental technicians, lead by Sohaib and Mo, who have the unique skill of being qualified dentists as well as being technicians. This means they can utilise their dental knowledge to provide dental restorations that are influenced by clinical requirements. With Sohaib and Mo leading our laboratory team, we are proud to be able to continue our strive for further excellence in the field of dental prosthetic design and manufacturing.

Collaboration between dentist and technicians
Close collaboration between dentist and technicians

Alongside the care we provide clinically to our patients, we are proud to be able to provide the full range of dental care in-house to our patients. From the clinical dental treatment at the hands of the dentist, to the dental technician’s design and manufacturing stages and then back to the dentist to fit the restoration into the patient’s mouth.

We are still proud to continue to work with the leading dental technicians in our industry, beyond just our own team and laboratory. At Infinity Dental Clinic, the high level of work we provide means we are always in collaboration with the most renowned dental technicians and professionals in our industry, nationawide and even globally!

Our strive for excellence will always continue, we will always continue to aim for the best care for all of our patients….

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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