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Posted on 1st June 2019

Over the last 3 years we have constantly improved our dental practice to enable us to provide the high level of dentistry that we feel so passionate about. Dentistry has progressed significantly and we have worked tirelessly to keep up with it at our clinic. Our efforts have enabled us to provide the highest standards in dental care. Our practice has grown as we continue to attract patients from all over Yorkshire to our clinic.

We didn’t think we would be reaching this point so soon however, all of these improvements and growth have meant that we are now outgrowing our current premises. For this reason, we are undertaking a large project to expand our dental practice into the property next door. Since we are currently a semi-detached property, this expansion will enable us to have a larger property to provide even more of an improved service to our patients.

The planning has taken over a year and now we are due to commence the building work in 2 weeks. It has been stressful with so many decisions to make and also, so many questions to raise. The investment is big, almost unnecessary if you were a typical entrepreneur or a ‘business man’. However, it is surely the only way we can achieve our passion of having the best dental practice we can possibly create. For me, that is the driving force. We don’t expect to see returns in the near future, we’re doing this as a long term 30-40 year project, we’re here to stay and provide exceptional dental care for as long as we are here.

There will be 2 more additional surgeries to help us meet the needs of our growing patient base and we are providing a state-of-the-art clinical room for all of the advanced dental procedures.  We are also building an education centre to enable us to provide learning resources at our clinic for our own team as well as other dental professionals who attend our courses. In addition to all of these clinical improvements, we are also significantly improving access for disabled patients at our clinic.

These improvements are another huge step towards our passion for achieving the highest standards in dentistry. I am so proud of our team and I can’t imagine this would be possible without every single member of our talented team.

I love providing dentistry to a wide and diverse patient population. We aim to provide an exceptional service for every patient and this project is another step towards our goal of continuing to improve the service for all of our patients.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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