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Posted on 13th December 2023

This patient attended our clinic struggling with a failing set of upper teeth...

When one is faced with losing their teeth, the fear of being toothless is one of the most daunting feelings my patients have described to me. This was the case for our patient in this blog. He knew he was gradullay losing the remaining teeth in his upper arch. He was already struggling to chew certain foods with ease. His confidence in his smile was at an all time low too. The fear of losing his teeth was compounded by the fear of having to wear a removable denture in place of his teeth.

Holding on to bad teeth seemed like a better option than wearing dentures for this patient. This is often the case for so many people which is one of the reasons they hold onto their bad teeth much longer than they should have!

We planned this treatment meticulously to provide our patient with an implant supported fixed bridge to replace all of his teeth. The treatment was planned using our same day teeth approach to ensure our patient spent no time with removable dentures during his treatment journey. This meant the fear of having removable dentures was no longer an obstacle for our patient’s pursuit of the treatment he really urgently needed.

We placed 6 Straumann Dental Implants into his upper arch following removal of the failing teeth. We strengthened the bone using a bone graft and improved the gums using a connective tissue graft. This meant that the implants were supported by healthy bone and gums to maximise their longevity.

Gum contouring was provided to sculp the gums and provide natural gum contours around each individual tooth supported by the dental implants.

The end result was to provide our patient with replacement teeth as close to his natural teeth as possible.

Our patient said this has changed his life. He said he can confidently smile more and chew more of the foods he enjoys without the restrictions he used to have. This truly is a life changing treatment and one that has significantly improved our patient’s life.

At Infinity Dental Clinic we are proud to have helped thousands of patients overcome their dental problems and enjoy a happier life with healthier teeth – no matter how big their problem may seem!

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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