I have Dental Implants – now what?

Posted on 12th November 2022

Dental Implants are an amazing treatment option to replace missing teeth in the most natural way possible. Any patient with implants can tell you it can often be life-changing. However, if the route of implants is one that you have chosen, it’s imperative to remember that they must be looked after in order to keep them healthy for the longer term. This means an excellent oral hygiene regimen that must be followed every day, much like you would with your natural teeth.

An implant is of course a tooth replacement in the mouth; however, disease can still occur around an implant much like a natural tooth, if it is not looked after. This is usually due to plaque and bacteria accumulating around the implant (just like around a natural tooth) causing implant mucositis or peri-implantitis – both of which are gingival and/or diseases of the supporting bone around the implant. This in turn can lead to the failure of your implant, which after undergoing the treatment and achieving the awaited life-changing results – this is not desired. Other factors such as smoking can also give a high chance of implant failure.

To maintain your implant health, it’s essential to brush twice per day with ideally an electric oscillating toothbrush to disrupt the bacteria and plaque biofilm around the gumline. Furthermore, it is necessary to remove the plaque and food particles that gather in-between separate implants and teeth and also underneath any implant retained bridges. This can be done with interdental brushes, sticks, floss or special superfloss designed for bridges. Dependent on what type of implant you have, your dental hygienist can advise what tool is best to use as part of your daily hygiene regimen to maintain the health in this area. It is advised to see the dental hygienist regularly as part of a maintenance plan alongside regular inspections with the dentist – this is to give a higher chance of maintaining the health of the implant and to note any problems early enough to correct them before it becomes an irreversible issue.

Remember, your implant health is important and you want them to last for as long as possible. Lifelong smiles can be achieved with simple regular care….speak to our team!

Thank you for reading,

Claire Jennings

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