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Posted on 10th March 2019

The first time I provided treatment to replace a full arch of missing teeth was in 2012. Since then I have provided treatment to replace a full arch of teeth numerous times over the years. In each one of these cases the effect on the patient has been life changing. To go from having no teeth to a full set of functional teeth is as life changing as it gets with regards to dental treatment.

A few days ago we had just completed a case to replace our patient’s full arch of missing teeth in the upper arch. In all cases such as this, we offer our patients the full range of treatment options when considering a full arch of replacement teeth. In this case our patient opted to have an upper implant retained denture. The reason she chose this was because, like so many other patients, she couldn’t wear her conventional denture to eat and chew her food properly.

An implant retained denture can be the ideal solution to ill-fitting and loose dentures because it secures the dentures with rigidity and superb stability. Immediately following the fit of her new teeth, our patient was speechless. She couldn’t quite comprehend how secure her teeth felt. She looked in the mirror and was practising smiling and it became apparent that she hadn’t smiled for a very long time. This appointment was a bit of an anticlimax in the end.

implant retained denture upper arch infinity dental clinic leeds

The following morning our patient attended the clinic again, without an appointment this time. Her smile looked more natural and much wider. She was dressed very well and appeared more confident. She came in to tell us how much of a life changing experience this had been for her. She felt that she had to explain why she had been so quite at the fitting appointment but it was certainly not something we were surprised by. We see this very often when providing patient’s with such a transformation. It can be a lot to take in immediately. After all, this treatment is like literally going from one end of the spectrum of having no teeth to the other end of the spectrum of having a full set of teeth again.

This truly is as life changing as dental care can get.

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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