It’s all about the gums…

Posted on 23rd July 2022

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is the most common cause of tooth loss. It gradually results in bone loss and gum recession which in turn results in tooth mobility and tooth loss. Patient’s who are losing teeth due to periodontal disease will naturally have weaker gums. Their gums are more prone to gum disease.

When we provide dental implants to patients who have had a history of periodontal disease, we provide treatment to improve the make up of their gums. By providing a gum graft during the implant treatment, we can change the whole biological make up of their gums. We can significantly improve the volume and strength of their gums by providing a gum graft so that their future dental implants are not as prone to periodontal disease as their own teeth were. This really is the key to long term success with dental implants. Everything we do at Infinity Dental Clinic is aimed at improving long term success for all of our patients.

Once we have provided our patients with improved gum volume, we can then manipulate the gums by creating natural tooth contours. This enables us to provide the most natural union between the newly formed gums and the implant supported prostheses. This not only looks natural, it also aids dental hygiene and reduces the amount of food that would collect below the ‘teeth’. Gum contouring enables us to mimic natural dental aesthetics as closely as possible. It really is the key to making implant treatment successful in the long term and also aesthetic in appearance.

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Mohsin Patel

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