Missing teeth, failing teeth – Replacing it all

Posted on 23rd September 2023

Missing teeth can affect the quality of life for people in so many ways. From the confidence in your smile to your ability to eat and speak - the impact on people's lives is hard to quantify.

This patient attended our clinic with a self confessed lifelong anxiety associated with dental treatment. She said just attending our clinic was a huge achievement for her when she attended for the first time. Our team of treatment coordinators provided this patient with the confidence she needed to finally attend the dentist for the first time in many years! She travelled from Cumbria, a journey that takes over 2 hours.

This patient presented with multiple missing teeth and her remaining teeth were loose due to advanced periodontal disease. We were faced with the prospect of having to remove her remaining teeth. This was the only way we could restore her dental health, smile and confidence.

A patient who is anxious facing the prospect of having to have all her teeth removed…

Meticulous planning using our CBCT scanner, digital technology and experienced team enabled us to find the ideal solution for our patient. We were able to remove and replace all of her teeth with dental implants in one session. This included all the treatment required to restore her bone and gum health too. We carried out this procedure under IV sedation which added an extra layer of comfort for the patient. To be able to provide this treatment in one session made the prospect of undergoing the treatment much easier for the patient to accept.

The team work involved in achieving this kind of outcome is hard to explain. Dr Hannah Wilson provided the sedation to ensure our patient wasn’t anxious during the treatment. I led the implant team to provide the ideal restorative and surgical treatment for our patient. The technical team helped us design and manufacture these lovely life-like restorations. Our wider team helped that patient go through the overall treatment plan with little stress and full transparency.

I am very proud of what we achieved for this patient.

She can finally smile with confidence and eat all those foods she has been avoiding in the past. I could already see the uplift in her persona on the day we fitted her teeth and I am looking forward to seeing her for a review in a few weeks to see how her life has improved!

Thank you for reading

Mohsin Patel

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