New Year and New Habits

Posted on 14th January 2023

Happy New Year!! January is a time where most are reflecting on how they can be better in 2023. We set our goals and ambitions for the new year and find ways to improve our daily routines.

A common goal for many of our patients is always to look after our teeth better; generally, to ‘floss more’ or to ‘brush twice per day’ or even to ensure we are attending the dentist regularly. This comes under the umbrella of health and this should always be a focus for each and every one of us.

We can make it easy for you to stick to your goals this year with regular dental check ups and hygiene appointments. Our Denplan membership plan ensures you have your appointments as often as needed and you will get reminders to book these appointments when life is very busy. You can have easy access for emergency appointments here at Infinity and Denplan also offers worldwide cover if you cannot get to us easily and need help quickly! This reduces the stress of travelling in 2023, incase any aches or pains in the mouth arise. Being seen by a dentist at regular intervals helps to prevent pain, infection and the need for more extensive dental treatment in the future! It also ensures you are being seen for oral cancer screening regularly as a preventative measure.

Furthermore, your regular Denplan appointments will give you those necessary reminders to ensure you’re maintaining your smaller new year’s resolutions such as flossing, brushing and everything in-between!

Make 2023 easier by contacting a member of our team in regards to Denplan and they can help. Put your health first this year!

Thank you for reading,

Claire Jennings

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