This week I was asked by Gabriella if she could write our weekly blog. Gabriella is a treatment coordinator at our clinic who assists patients in tailoring their approach to the dental treatment they require. Gabriella is in a unique position in which she deals with patients from the first minute they make an enquiry to the very end of their treatment journey. It is a priveliege to have been asked by Gabriella to write this blog and I am very proud to present it below, enjoy! – Mohsin Patel 

No judgement here…

I always remember going to my routine check-ups, years ago dreading what my dentist would say.

The moment I sat in that dentist chair; I would cringe hoping this time I wouldn’t get a telling off!

I always felt judged each time I went, which put me off going and always resulted in me postponing any future dental visits.

Since being a treatment coordinator at Infinity Dental clinic, I have found many new patients, simply haven’t visited a dentist for that same reason.

The team here at Infinity Dental clinic are very understanding and very empathetic to each patients fears and concerns and would never make you feel judged in any way.

We pride ourselves on our unique approach to creating beautiful, healthy smiles and making sure you have a comfortable welcoming experience; from the moment you walk through the door.

I would always say to anyone looking to improve their dental health, not to be put off by past experience, the service you receive from Infinity dental clinic is completely different and unique to anywhere else that I had ever experienced.

We have many patients who say they feel too embarrassed to come, I always explain that this is what our amazing team do, their main purpose is to make sure they improve not only the appearance, but the health of your smile.

You would be surprised at how many of our patients, who had this fear in the beginning, actually look forward to their routine appointments now. It’s such a lovely feeling to see that transformation and see the confidence grow.

At your first consultation, your dentist would make you feel at ease and listen to you, there are no lectures and no telling off, just a nice relaxed exam and discussion of how we can help.

Our unique approach to dental care instils confidence in all of our patients.

We are here for you throughout your journey, it’s an amazing, exciting feeling for you and us when you achieve that beautiful smile. So please don’t ever feel like you would be judged, as making you smile again is what we do.

Thank you,

Gabriella Saracino Hamill

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