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Posted on 18th November 2023

I have just completed my Invisalign treatment with Dr Roma McNeil. What a huge difference this has made to my smile!

I have just completed my Invisalign treatment with Dr Roma McNeil and my first thoughts are ‘what a huge difference this has made to my smile!’

I am a treatment coordinator at Infinity dental clinic. I guide our patients through their Invisalign journey at Infinity Dental Clinic. We are elite platinum providers of Invilsalign care in the UK therefore, I get to see so many wonderful transformations and I wanted to do the same for myself.

It started with my clincheck which is a 3d digital simulation of my teeth as they were and how they would look on completion, This was emailed to me also so that I could show my friends and family. This built excitement amongst myself and my close friends and family as we couldn’t wait to get my aligners fitted and see the transofrmations occur! I can relate to all our patients at this stage of treatment and the excitement they express to me as I book in their Invisalign fit appointments – having seen the simulation of your future smile you just cannot wait to get started!

When I had my aligners fitted it did feel a little strange at first, I could feel the attachments on my teeth with my tongue, they felt slightly big at first but my tongue soon adjusted to this and it all felt normal after a couple of days. For the first 24 hours I felt the urge to bite down my teeth a lot, that urge soon settled and I got used to wearing them. Often, I found using orthodontic chewies helped me seat my aligners onto my teeth, I just chewed them for a few seconds and this helped with the seating of the aligners. Taking the aligners in and out to eat gets easier as time goes on. A bag of essentials is provided by Infinity Dental Clinic which contains a toothbrush, aligner travel case, hand sanitiser, tissues and a wash bag. These handy items were really helpful to me thorughout my Invisalign journey.

The length of Invisalign treatment varies from each patient, mine was 9 months which went by so quickly. I’d often take photos of my teeth to compare my progress and it was so satisfying!

Once I had got to my last aligner, Dr Roma McNeil being the perfectionist that she is said she wanted to do some refinements before providing me with some retainers. Refinements meant that I had an intraoral scan so that additional aligners could be made to move my teeth into the exact positions to form the ‘ideal’ smile as designed by Dr Roma McNeil. In my case this meant I had 5 more aligners which meant 5 more weeks till completion of my treatment. I was fine with this as I knew I was going to have the straight smile I wanted. After spending 9 months having my teeth orthodontically moved, 5 more weeks to achieve perfection is not a problem. All of this additonal work is provided to all of our patients as part of their treatment plan, without any additonal fees.

There are many reasons why patients attend our clinic to have Invisalign, my reason was that I could not see my smile in photos as I had large gaps at the occlusal part of my teeth. This is called embrasures and is the natural gap that can form between teeth is those teeth are either not aligned perfectly straight or if the teeth are mis-shaped. In my case it was due to my teeth not being aligned therfore, Dr Roma McNeil advised that I pursue Invisalign treatment to achieve my ideal smile. I love my smile now, and I’m so glad I started my Invisalign treatment. I can now see my smile on photos. I love supporting our patients through their exciting Invisalign journey and I can now share my own experiences with our patients.

I feel that having Invisalign treatment at Infinity Dental Clinic has enabled me to maximise the potential of my own natural smile.

Thank you for reading,

Katie Varley

Treatment Coordinator

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