Orthodontics and receding gums – How we can help…

Posted on 22nd April 2023

As discussed in Dr Wilson’s recent blog post, Invisalign continues to be one of the most popular treatment at Infinity Dental Clinic. As a Dentist, I love utilising it to create beautiful, natural, healthy smiles.

Recently, we have helped many new patients who have attended our clinic struggling with gum recession. Not only can this be unsightly, but it can make the teeth very sensitive. At Infinity Dental Clinic, there are ways we are able to effectively minimise the risk of getting gum recession in the first place, though if this occurs we are also able to treat the gum recession and get your perfect smile back. Many patients attend to ask if they can still have Invisalign, even if they are suffering with recession – as explained below there are lots of ways we can address this here at Infinity Dental Clinic. 

What is gum recession?

The term “long in the tooth” is an easy way to explain recession. The gums shrink downwards making the tooth appear longer, yellower, and you might notice “black triangles” between teeth. Sometimes this might just be on one tooth, but it can involve multiple teeth.

Does Invisalign cause gum recession?

The most common causes of recession are gum disease, smoking, heavy tooth brushing (scrubbing) and oral piercings. Invisalign alone is unlikely to cause recession, especially when planned on the 3D digital Clinicheck software to mitigate these risks, as we do here at Infinity Dental Clinic. This is one of the main advantages above traditional ‘train track’ braces. Some patients are genetically predisposed to this unwanted effect, with thinner gum tissue. Assessing risk factors will be included as part of your clinical assessment. 

This is why at Infinity Dental Clinic we will always ensure you have healthy gums prior to starting Invisalign. Utilising our Denplan membership during your treatment ensures you will never miss a hygiene appointment and attending your 6-8 week review appointments (during your Invisalign treatment plan) with a Dentist will ensure if there are issues, we spot this early.

Can I have Invisalign if I have gum recession?

The majority of patients with gum recession are still suitable for Invisalign. At your consultation we will discuss how we can prevent further recession, and ways we can treat any pre-existing issues.

Invisalign and Dental Implant - Infinity Dental Clinic

I have gum recession – what can I do?

The most predictable way to treat recession is with a gum graft. This involves using a fine layer of skin from the roof of the mouth to gently recreate a new gum line. The procedure can be completed in as little as half an hour, and the results can be seen almost immediately. Our leading Dentist and Implant Surgeon, Dr Mohsin Patel, is incredibly skilled at gum grafts, meaning minimal downtime, and fantastic results.

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