Putting up with ‘bad’ teeth – Are they really ‘bad’? Can they be improved?

Posted on 24th September 2017

We find that many people will accept that they have ‘bad’ teeth and will adapt their habits in an attempt to hide this from other people. We all know someone who covers there mouth with one hand every time they are about to crack a smile. On the other end of the spectrum, there are people who will avoid smiling in photos and generally smiling at all because they have so little confidence in their smile appearance.

When these people become our patients, we discuss the patient’s concerns in details in order to effectively transform their smile and give them back the confidence to smile freely again.

Discoloured teeth, old crowns and missing teeth – Putting up with it because you have no choice?

The patient in the picture above was disappointed in the appearance of her teeth when she smiled. In particular, the artificial and stained appearance of the 2 central crown margins along with the spacing in between her teeth. Another concern was the lack of teeth on the left side which made her potential smile appearance incomplete on the left. For these 2 reasons, the patient had found herself covering her mouth when she smiled and grinning more to her right in order to compensate for the fewer teeth on her left side.

This patient is in her late 50’s and this has been a problem for over 10 years. Unfortunately, she has put up with this problem because she was never aware that anything could be done for her as she felt her teeth were beyond repair.

All repaired, all improved and none removed

When we assessed our patient and proposed out treatment options to her, she found it hard to believe that it was possible to address all her concerns without removing any of her front teeth. These teeth were all repairable with cosmetic treatments and with the addition of a dental implant in the upper left, we could also complete the appearance of her ‘full’ smile.

Improved confidence

With her new smile, we had achieved an amazing outcome. The patient is now trying to get out of the habit of covering her mouth and not smiling in photographs. The effect it has had on her well-being and quality of life is not measurable.

For our dental team, it is another case which we have invested a huge amount of knowledge, expertise and passion in to. The sense of pride from these cases makes our job very enjoyable for our whole team. It really is a team effort with absolutely every member of out clinical team, along with our technical team, having contributed to this fantastic result.

For more information of smile makeover treatments, please send us a message at i[email protected] or download our fact sheet below.

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