Removable Vs Permanent replacement teeth – Dental Implants and Dentures

Posted on 29th August 2016

Losing your teeth

This can be a daunting prospect. Whether you are losing one or all of your teeth, the prospect of losing your teeth can be a big problem. We must plan a tooth replacement option to restore your function and appearance. Dental Implants and dentures are the 2 main solutions to replacing your missing teeth. I will discuss these options below.

Dentures – The removable solution

A denture can replace all of your missing teeth. It is a removable piece which insert in to your mouth and sits on top of your gums. It replaces the ‘crowns’ of your teeth, not the ‘roots’. Since teeth get their biting force from the roots, a lot of the function is lost from a denture.

The resorption of your gums after tooth loss alters the fit of your denture and makes them loose. This will cause problems with eating a healthy diet, socialising with your friends and family and speaking clearly.


Dental Implants – The fixed solution

By choosing dental implants you can avoid or alleviate all of these issues. Dental implants can replace all of your missing teeth.

Dental implants replace both the crowns and the roots of your teeth. The root element of the implant is made from a strong titanium alloy which restores the biting forces associated with healthy teeth. The crown is made from a compressed ceramic (E-max) which restores the natural look and feel of your missing tooth.

Along with these benefits, the Dental implant solution is fixed in place permanently. This will significantly improve and restore your quality of life. No more denture adhesive required!

Dental Implants to replace missing upper teeth – a case example

The following pictures show the result of a fixed solution (dental implants) to replace this patient’s upper left teeth. You can see how natural the implant teeth look.

upper dental implants beforeupper dental implants after

  • Dr Mohsin Patel

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