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Posted on 11th June 2017

The difficult situation

Throughout my career I have got to know many of my patients very well. You tend to see them over the years and it’s almost like a big family. When you get to know people well over a long period of time, you start to notice any changes in their behaviour and emotions.

When some of our patients lose their teeth, we do notice that many of these patient’s behaviour changes. It is disappointing to see them laugh less and making every effort to keep their mouth closed. Before long, this becomes a natural habit and the changes result in a change in the behaviour of the patient.

We find that these changes affect patients so much, that they soon find it difficult to talk about it with anyone else. It is in our human nature to try to hide our problems and carry on as if nothing is wrong. We find ways to ignore certain things in our life. However, with this problem the effect it can have on the patient’s life is much wider than one may initially think. Not only is the patient’s own life being affected, with poorer quality food eaten and a loss in confidence, however, the social aspect of their lives becomes affected as well. This situation can influence every aspect of a patient’s life.

When I talk about these problems with our patients, it becomes apparent that they have lived with these deteriorating issues because they are unaware of a solution to fix their problems.

Life changing treatment – Dental Implants

A patient who attended my clinic in November last year presented with the same problems I have described above. I shall refer to her as ‘Jane’ to protect her confidentiality.

Jane is a 60 year old women who has had most of her upper teeth missing. She has been ‘coping’ over the last 5 years with a loose bridge and a denture. Her confidence in her teeth has been so low that she routinely avoids going out for meals as she is worried about not being able to eat anything on the menu. Due to this, she avoids family meals and social occasions that make her feel uncomfortable. Her husband passed away a few years ago and these problems are now affecting her life significantly as she finds herself on her own and unable to confidently go out and do those ‘nice things’ with her friends and family.

Our team assessed the whole situation for Jane and proposed that we provide her with dental implants to replace her missing teeth. This would eliminate the need for anything loose or removable and would restore her appearance, function and confidence once again.

Following treatment, Jane was a different women. She attended our clinic following completion of her treatment with new clothes on and a new hair style. her enthusiasm with life had improved significantly and she was now busy doing all the things she was missing out on before. She felt brilliant with her cosmetic and functional smile and said it had changed her life so much that she would be happy to talk to any of our patients who are thinking about this treatment to tell them about her experiences. That is the most heartfelt form of a testimonial that we could ever expect from a patient and it shows how much of an effect this has had on Jane.

It is just an amazing feeling for all of us to be involved in transforming someone else’s life in such a positive way. We’re delighted for Jane and all of our other patients who have embarked on this life changing journey.

Thank you for reading

  • Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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