Safety and Success – Maintaining standards using digital dentistry

Posted on 8th March 2020

Dentistry has vastly changed over the last decade. We are able to plan and execute certain dental procedures with far more predictablility and precision than ever before. This is all down to the exponential development in the field of digital technology.

Surgical procedures such as the extraction of wisdom teeth and the placement of implants have always carried a small (very small) risk of post operative surgical complications. Patients are always made aware of these risks and sometimes, these risks can result in post treatment side effects. However, with the advent of 3-dimensional CBCT scanning and digital guides, we can minimise these risks even further. In fact, some of these risks can be totally eliminated by utilising this technology in the planning and treatment stages.

In my own dentistry I have found this to be the biggest single improvement for us and our patients. The more information that I have before I embark on a surgical procedure, the better I am able to execute the procedure. With the CBCT scan and the digital planning, I am able to execute certain treatments (in particular dental implants and extractions) with an incredibly high level of precision.

Digital dentistry in the form of CBCT scans and digital planning has made our treatments have a much higher success rate and it has also significantly minimised the number of complications (however big or small) for patients.

Safety and Success are edging even closer to the 100% mark due to the utilisation of digital technology within dentistry. We are proud to be using these latest protocols at our clinic.

Thank you for reading

Mohsin Patel

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