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Posted on 25th May 2019

Your confidence, your smile and your life. With Invisalign it is possible to achieve the smile you have always desired. In this case completed at our clinic it is easy to demonstrate the significant improvements this treatment has made to our patient. Her confidence is far greater now than it has ever been and she is delighted to have had this treatment.


All orthodontic treatments will aim to straighten your teeth. However, Invisalign has 2 unique properties which make it stand out from the other alternative options:

Invisalign has a CLINCHECK feature which enables us to scan your mouth and produce a 3-dimensional computerised model of your mouth. This will demonstrate your final result on the computer. We can actually move the teeth manually in to the ideal cosmetic position. This gives the dentist a great level of control over the design of your smile.

The invisalign clear aligners are almost invisible which makes them easier to wear over 6-18 months compared to metal braces. Most of your friends and work colleagues wouldn’t even notice that you have anything in your mouth. You can remain confident and appear natural throughout the treatment process.

Dr Hannah Wilson explains the ClinCheck and smile design process involved in Invisalign orthodontic treatments in this short video:


We have had the pleasure of treating many patients using Invislign clear aligners at our clinic. Due to the predictability of the invisalign treatment process, a symmetrical smile is the expected outcome.


Orthodontic treatment using the invisalign clear aligners is more comfortable than the conventional technique using metal brackets and wires. The metal brackets can irritate the cheeks causing soreness and ulceration. With Invisalign, the clear aligners are customised for your mouth and as a result are very comfortable. My patients tell me that the aligners are slightly sore for the first 2-3 days as their mouth gets used to it. After that they tell me that their is no soreness at all.

Invisalign Infinity Dental Clinic Leeds


We have never had a disappointed patient after Invisalign treatment has been completed. Our Invisalign patients are the happiest patients we treat because they achieve their desired smile appearance in a completely painless way!


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