Striving for excellence – Just like the rest of science

Posted on 23rd April 2017

I have spoken about how Infinity Dental Clinic is always striving for excellence. Some of you may be wondering why is it that we keep striving for it? Why haven’t we reached the most excellent level yet?


To elaborate on this I think it is important to understand that Dentistry is a branch of Medical Sciences. Medical sciences is a branch of Human Biology which is a sub-branch of Biology. In school we all learned that science is made up of Biology, Chemistry and Physics so Dentistry is part of science.

Most of us learned that Pluto was the furthest planet in the solar system. We learned this at school and until 2006 this was true. However, the definition of what classifies as a planet changed in 2006 and now Pluto is no longer the furthest planet in our solar system. So does that mean everything we were taught at school was wrong? Should we be skeptical about everything else we were taught? The answer is NO. This is just one example of how Science continues to evolve. Science is a process that we have to get close to the right answer and therefore, it is continuously evolving and improving our understanding.

Striving for excellence

In Dentistry, this is absolutely true. We do not have the right answers to everything but we do have the best ways in which to get close to the perfect right answers. Our clinical and scientific protocols in dentistry continue to change as new information is discovered through the extensive research and development that goes on globally in our profession. It is through this work that our profession continues to improve. At Infinity Dental Clinic we aim to learn from this information to help evolve our own dental care and services for our patients.

This is why we must always strive for excellence. This is why we will never be perfect.

  • Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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