As I reflect on the incredible smiles we have completed this year thus far, I realise how important team work has been to enable us to achieve this for our patients.

Most patients have dental problems that require a combination of dental procedures to achieve the desired outcome. A root canal filling is often followed up with an advanced dental restoration to complete treatment on that tooth. A patient having teeth whitening may also require composite recontouring to complete their smile. A dental extraction may often be followed by treatment to replace that tooth with a dental implant. A patient may need all or some of these treatments completed to achieve a healthy smile.

In our clinic, our dental team have honed their skills to excel in the different areas of dentistry to ensure that our patients are recieving the highest standard of care in all the disciplines of dentistry. With everything provided in-house, it is easy for our team and patients to have the care they need without any delays or compromises. We are proud to be able to provide this level of care to our patients and for me, working within such an exceptional clinical team makes my job a dream to do. I feel confident that my patients are recieving the best care because we have a team of dental professionals who are able to execute the full range of dental procedures.

With our clinical team of dentists and therapists/ hygienists being busy treating patients, it is incredibly important that our team of nurses and treatment coordinators are ensuring the care for all patients is maintained beyond the surgery. Our nurses and coordinators provide all of our patients with prompt advice and assistance at all times. Every single member of the team is crucial for us to be able to maintain the highest level of care to our patients and I am so proud to be part of a team with such strength in depth.

A team working working together will always be better than one dentist trying to do it all on their own….

Thank you for reading

Mohsin Patel

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