The benefits of replacing missing teeth with a permanent fixed solution – Dental Implants

Posted on 28th January 2017

Why are dental implants often the first choice when replacing missing or damaged teeth?

This is a question regularly asked by our patients. You will read about the main benefits of replacing a missing tooth permanently. However, I feel that the most important reason for replacing teeth deserves to be the first point I discuss….


What is worse than having a missing tooth? Surely losing some more teeth? If a missing tooth space is left untreated, this can result in the rest of your teeth drifting or shifting. Not only will this alter your appearance, it will make oral hygiene more difficult and increase the risk of the other teeth developing dental problems. In some cases, it may also cause some of the other teeth to become loose.

Having a fixed tooth placed back in to the gap, these potential problems are prevented from ever developing therefore your remaining healthy teeth will remain healthier for longer.

Eat your favourite foods without any difficulty

Only a permanent fixed tooth will allow you to have the full natural ability to chew your meals thoroughly. A dental implant is just as effective as a natural tooth when chewing.

Prevent speech problems

A denture or a bridge can cause the potential for lisping and a change in your ability to speak fluently with confidence. A dental implant will not alter your phonetic ability.

Built to last

A dental implant is very predictable and can last a lifetime. With proper care, these teeth are just as strong as healthy natural teeth. You can enjoy a life without having to worry about your teeth all the time.

Dental implants are the next best thing to healthy, natural teeth. I haven’t even mentioned the fact that dental implants will restore your smile appearance to make you look and feel great. Most of my patients who have missing teeth opt to have this treatment. All of my patients who have had this treatment say it is life changing.

  • Dr Mohsin Patel

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