The final piece of the Dental Implant Jigsaw…

Posted on 10th February 2024

I have done this over 5000 times. I do this a lot but this time, I paused and took it all in as if it was my first time...

Yesterday during my clinical work I was fitting yet another lovely implant restoration for one of our patients who was completing his treatment journey. This is something we do for our patients daily at Infinity Dental Clinic. Following implant placement, the final restoration is usually carefully designed and made at our dental laboratory before accurately fitting onto the integrated implant and within the patient’s smile.

I have done this over 5000 times.

I do this a lot.

Yesterday, as I was fitting yet another crown to a biologically integrated dental implant I took a step back. I paused. I just took it all in as if it was my first time. I realised that this was an incredible feat of biology and medical engineering. It is easy to take such things for granted when you do this daily. For this reason, I decided to take out my camera and take pictures of the tooth fitting onto the beautifully healed Straumann dental implant – like a final piece of a jigsaw.

Isn’t it incredible that a titanium screw has biologically integrated with the patient’s bone? The gums and bone around the missing tooth space have been regenerated too. The final piece is the carefully designed and manufactured prostheses to fit perfectly onto the implant and around the gum contours, made by our specialist dental technicians at Dentogenics. This really is engineering and biology at it’s best and I have the best job in the world – to be able to see this day in, day out!

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Mohsin Patel


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