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Posted on 13th August 2016


Everything we do at Infinity Dental Clinic is about the fine detail. Our practice environment and machinery is all chosen with great attention to detail – this is because we wanted our practice to portray the same image as our clinical work.

Infinity dental clinic

Our dental treatments are all planned with the greatest attention to detail. Every natural tooth has a unique surface structure and anatomy giving it the natural look and feel.


The usual way of making crowns, implant teeth, veneers and bridges is to send an impression of your mouth to a lab technician. He or she will then make a model of your mouth using Gypsum and ‘handcraft’ a restoration to fit your mouth ‘free handed’. These technicians are extremely skilled at doing this, however, their is a potential for inaccuracies in this process.

We aim to replicate the natural look of teeth in all of our work. When replacing missing teeth, we design a dental implant restoration with precision. Our lab technician used digital scans and design software to manufacture the most natural tooth for your mouth. Each tooth created using this technique is bespoke to your mouth due to the way our computing design software works.

We use this digital technique to design our cosmetic crowns and veneers giving perfectly natural results. Below is a dental implant solution I used to treat a girl with missing lateral incisors. The contour and texture of the replacement teeth are almost impossible to tell apart from the natural central incisors.

Fixed Dental implants

Enjoying your job

As well as improving the quality of dental treatments for our patients, by using the latest digital techniques, we ensure that our patients will be happy with the outcome of their treatment. This is what gives us job satisfaction, and anything that improves the treatment outcome will always make our job more enjoyable.

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