Truly Life Changing – An amazing transformation using Dental Implants

Posted on 30th July 2017

Every so often, we all do something that makes you feel a huge sense of achievement and pride. This blog is about one of those occasions for our dental team.

When this patient, (referred to as John), attended our clinic it was his first dental appointment in over 15 years. He had extreme dental anxiety and this contributed to him avoiding dental treatment for as long as he thought he could get away with.

John was embarrassed by his teeth and would suffer with constant toothache due to his poor dental health. As you can see in the picture below, the situation had developed to an extremely difficult stage for John.

before dental implants

Following our consultation, we proposed treatment solutions for John to have a healthy and strong set of teeth. This required removal of all of his failing and loose teeth and to replace them with dental implants. 

John has avoided dental treatment for the majority of his life due to his anxiety however, once we explained the whole treatment process to him he accepted the plan with the understanding and trust that none of the proposed treatment will be painful for him.

Dental Implants – Transformation

The treatment for John required careful removal of his teeth and replacement with dental implants. The process involved restoring his ability to chew as well as a smile he would be confident with.

full dental implantsafter dental implantsAfter Dental Implants 2

The final results of the treatment created a beautiful natural smile with function restored. The dental health had been improved and John felt better about himself than he had done for decades.

The treatment took approximately 6 months to fully complete. The biggest challenge for John was to actually turn up to the dental clinic and proceed with the treatment. He had become so used to avoiding dental treatment and he had many fears about having any work done in his mouth.

We find that many patients feel like this at the beginning and then once they have had the treatment they say it was nothing like what they had imagined – it was better. John had his treatment carried out under sedation with our expert sedation team led by Dr Hannah Wilson, so he was fully relaxed throughout the implant procedures.

Every member of our dental and technical team has contributed to providing John with the teeth he has always wanted. The biggest compliment to us was that John had tears of joy on the day the final teeth were fitted. It was an emotional journey for all of us to see the huge impact this transformation has had on John. He would never smiled for as long as he could remember and now he was ‘learning’ how to smile again. He no longer had anything to hide.

We are all so proud and privileged to be able to provide such life changing treatments to our patients and Dental Implants is just one the ways we are able to do that. It is the ultimate sense of job satisfaction for all of us.

Dental Implant

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