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Posted on 8th December 2019

As I reflect on the completion of our practice development work, I have found that this whole expansion has crept up on us without any real motive to do it. Back in 2016, Myself and Hannah had discussed what we both wanted to achieve and we agreed that we wanted to make the dental practice a place where we would be proud to provide the kind of dentistry that we believe in. This meant we wanted to have access to all of the latest dental technology and have a highly skilled team of professionals to be able to use all of this technology to achieve the highest standards of care for our patients.

We worked hard to ensure everything was re-invested back into our team and our patient’s care. This meant more training courses for our staff and investing in the latest dental instruments and technology for our patient’s care. Such an investment is not just a one off task, we must continue to maintain our standards by continuing to provide further training and continuing to invest in the ever improving world of modern digital dental technology.

By focusing on improving our team’s skills and the dental care, we have had many new patients join our practice. Our dental practice already had enough patients to keep all 3 dentists and our hygienist busy however, as we continued to attract more new patients to our dental practice, our workload has increased as well. We are still continuing to attract more and more patients to our practice and therefore, we had to grow to ensure we could maintain the service to each of our patients. This meant we needed another dentist and more surgery space. We also needed more nursing staff and more treatment coordinators. This was all fine but we didn’t have the space for a new surgery and a bigger team, therefore, the expansion had to happen.

If we didn’t listen to the demands of our practice and our patients, then we may have not proceeded with the expansion and instead tried to see every patient with shorter treatment times. This would be a compromise which I felt would eventually lead to the detriment of the service we provide. After all, it is the high standard of care that we provide that makes us who we are, it is also the reason we are all so proud to be part of this team.

The reason we find ourselves in this position is because we have an exceptional team who are passionate about the work we do together. Every member of the team brings a unique skill to the practice and when we combine everyone’s contribution to the team it results in the most exceptional results. I am incredibly proud of this team and I would not want to work anywhere else or with anyone else!

Thank you for reading

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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